Single Review: Mac Miller, Ariana Grande bring out the best in each other in new single, My Favorite Part

-J. Simpson / Published September 17, 2016

There is a kind of intimacy that can come from lovers making art and music together. Consider the longform video for Drake and Rihanna’s Work - you get the sense that there’s more going on than what’s being captured on camera. You get the feeling Drake really means it when he sings “We just need a face to face/You could pick the time and the place/You spent some time away/Now you need to forward and give me all the…” You get the sense that Drake is legitimately hungry for Rihanna. Certain things can’t be acted or forced.

Rapper Mac Miller has recently started dating The Queen of Pop, Ariana Grande, following a collaboration on a remix of Grande’s Into You off of this year’s pop triumph Dangerous Woman. Miller must have realized he was more into Grande than he realized, as the two have officially started dating in the public eye.

My Favorite Part captures both of the artists at their best. Miller sounds as smooth as Chinese silk, while Grande is like liquid caramel, with her pop chanteuse guest spot. Grande’s never sounded so soulful, like a modern day Christina Aguilera with all the annoying edges sanded off. Musically, the pair are beautifully complimented with a mixture of old-school beats, jazzy r&b, with a little bit of modern production - mostly a glowing aura surrounding the vocals and the slightest underpinning of warm, woozy analog synths.

Mac Miller is a real ladies’ man. He seems to genuinely adore Grande, spilling his soul out over boom-bap beats and psychedelic guitar. He clearly loves and understands women, as evidenced by the title of his forthcoming album The Divine Feminine. Mac Miller, along with a score of other rappers and producers like Anderson .Paak (who featured on The Divine Feminine’s previous single, Dang!) and Young Thug, is a wonderful example of how to be a man in 2016. They seem strong, determined, focused, confident, and stylish. They’re not threatened, because they don’t need to be. They don’t try to control their women, but let them be their beautiful, powerful, strong selves.

Truly beautiful art is possible, when artists and musicians come together as equals. My Favorite Part stands to be a lot of people’s favorite track of The Divine Feminine. Judging from the strength of the two singles, it’ll be hard to just pick one!

Final Score: A+