RadioWave created, and owns the patent on the electronic monitoring of new media online broadcasts. Launched in 2003, we pioneered an entire platform for an industry that spent years largely ignored. We remain the only service in the field that connects directly to radio servers to poll on-the-air information to power our data and ancillary data.. 

Our RadioWave Monitor product tracks and reports airplay of recorded music from 2,000 online and satellite stations. Our panel includes terrestrial simulcasts from some of the largest providers of music groups, internet streaming netcsters, cablecasters, and on-demand videocast sources. 

The RadioWave new media data subscription package is the best option for professionals who want access to our full suite of charts and ancillary data, including station diary information, building radio data that updates multiple times per day, and drilldown information that includes major radio formats and daypart breakdowns specific to the new media industry. 

 Our data platform is available to verified industry professionals, including radio stations, record promoters, A/R teams, record labels, recording artists, and performance rights organizations. To sample the RadioWave new media data subscription service, contact Seth Keller at for a test account.


RadioWave has several data licensing options available to meet the needs of your project. Data can be supplied in numerous formats daily, weekly, monthly, or quaterly.

For options, contact Seth Keller at with your licensing needs, and we'll work with you to create an affordable licensing package to best suit the needs of your project.


We're happy to generate data for past or present songs for requests such as chart positions, play totals, and other airplay and streaming related data. Research fees are determined by how much data is requested. For details, contact Seth Keller at


If you're using a third party guaranteed airplay service, particularly those that require payment up front, it's the perfect example of buyer beware. Too often those schemes rely on hardworking independent artists who are unsure of how radio airplay and distribution works.

It takes time and energy to properly promote a song to radio, and many of these schemes use promoter-run stations to inflate airplay. If you believe you're a victim of this activity, we're able to verify your airplay - in most cases, so that you don't get taken for a ride. For more information, contact us at


Airplay Manager Suite access includes 8 unique trend reports, in .pdf format, and complete airplay logs distributed Monday-Friday, 7-day online graphs and diary logs, and 7-day Excel diaries. The Airplay Manager suite, both the PDF reports and Excel diaries, are e-mailed to the subscriber once per week. 

Airplay Manager is best for artist, labels, fans, and promoters who need to track the progress of a song, or multiple songs, across the RadioWave panel. Updates are delivered in PDF and Excel formats every Friday. 

A sample Airplay Manager suite is available. To download a sample, contact Seth Keller at, and we'll send you a link for the report suite

There are two options available when selecting how you'd like to have your track monitored:

1. Call and Response monitoring - RadioWave uses custom built technology to contact radio servers via handshake, request now playing information, and reports back the response. We pioneered this form of monitoring in 2003, and our Call and Response method is still the most reliable - and cost effective - option among airplay monitoring services. This monitoring method does not require an audio fingerprint.

2. Audio monitoring - a traditional monitoring method in which a sound snippet - or fingerprint - is taken from your track, and then using audio recognition technology, reports back where and when the track is airing. This is the more expensive option, but perfect for those who prefer traditional monitoring methods.