RadioWave Charts

The CMG RadioWave Monitor product tracks and reports airplay of recorded music from 1,600 online and terrestrial simulcast stations. Our panel includes broadcasts from some of the largest providers of Internet radio content, as well as smaller, fan-driven independent stations. Airplay detection information is available to artist, labels, fans and promoters using our Airplay Manager service.

Currently, RadioWave tracks and reports recorded music in seven major formats: Adult/AAA, Alternative/Modern Rock, CHR/Pop, CHR/Rhythmic, Country/Americana, Jazz/Fusion and Rock/Active Rock.

The Airplay Manager suite includes eight different reports delivered to your box each Friday for the duration of your subscription. Subscription times are flexible and can be adjusted as need.

For a comprehensive list of all of the reporting features included in the Airplay Manager suite, see the list below. To begin tracking a title, complete the registration form at the bottom of the page. For questions, please contact us at

Access is granted to the suite once we've processed the title requests. If the title is already registered in our database, suite service will begin on the next publish date. Otherwise, service will begin after the title has been fingerprinted, and we've verified airplay is active on our panel. Invoices are not issued until airplay detections are verified.

Airplay Manager Reports Includes

  • Flash Report - A quick view report comparing play, streams and on-demand total between the current and previous period, and play type trends over the current 7 weeks;
  • Daypart Trend - Tracking of play, by daypart, over the current 7-week period;
  • Hour-To-Hour trend information for the current 7-day period;
  • On-Demand Digest - 7-week stream trend on user-driven sites, YouTube and VEVO;
  • Day-To-Day trend information for the current 7-week period;
  • Market Meter - 7-week play trends, comparing activity in major US markets;
  • Format Track - a 7-week play trend comparison by broadcast format;
  • Broadcast Diary - 7-week play and stream information on all monitored broadcasts airing your title;  

Register Your Title/Pricing

To begin title tracking, enter the information below, and click ENTER. Once we've received the request, we'll begin processing it immediately. No payments are due at sign up. We're also happy to supply a sample report before purchase. To get one, contact us at and let us know you'd like to test Airplay Manager.

Airplay Manager is priced at $89.99 per track, per week. By default, tracking is set to 30 days, so, unless adjusted, the initial invoice for tracking would be issued for $359.96. If you'd like to launch the suite with a different tracking period, just let us know the number of weeks you'd prefer in the Special Instructions field.